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Best rice recipe and party rentals Round Rock

Last weekend was awesome lots of events rentals in Austin And Round Rock. We have the best customers in the whole wide world. So last week we have a new customer that came renting chairs and tables for a party which we started a deep conversation on favorites dishes and food (I love great bites). The gentleman was originary from India and have moved to Austin for work. I was taking that have discover and love indian dishes and ask what restaurant he would recommend me to go. Conversation keep on going on how to prepare delicious Vindaloo, Tika masala, the indian tortillas and so on. At the end of the conversation all the office was talking and taking notes on the recipes. One of the most popular recipe was the rice which he explained that basmati is most popular and how to rinse a little before boiling to get that excellent texture, times and temperatures.

At the end we were super excited and ready to try it on.

The next week our customer comes and returns the event tables and chairs for rent at Round Rock location.

For our surprise the customer had brought us a bag full of basmati rice so we can practice what we talk about the week before.

We would like to thank Mr. Dhinesh for the awesome gesture of bring in us some rice so we could practice our culinary experience. It means a lot when our customers make us feel special and let us help them table & chair rentals.

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