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your chairs for party rental

Should you assign seats on your chairs for party rental?

While planning that amazing wedding event celebration you can ask yourself if it’s better to assign seats for your guest or leave it open for them to choose. On this type of questions there is no right or wrong answer however we can help you weigh the pros and cons that this entails. Let star with assigning chairs for party rental and table for your guests. This is much more work because you have to think who will get along with who so you can tell them were to seat. This way you would have to consider which tables to keep together in case not everybody fits on one and keep them close. This in top of which linen rentals should you pick and everything else. If you don’t assign chairs most of the guest will start to seat on the order they start arriving older crowd in one side, younger on the other and family. So have that in mind next time you plan the organization.

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