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Help us save Turtles at Texas Party Rentals

Help us save Turtles at Texas Party Rentals we feel very committed in saving animals life that could be endangered by our cars on the road and cities.

We feel really committed on help wildlife preservation, it can be bobcats, deer, ducks, birds and of course turtles.

Our party rentals delivery crews try their best in helping wild animals survive if they get the opportunity for example while delivering it is common to find turtles trying to cross highways or street were drivers can hardly look them due to speed and the visibility of the animal. Only on this 2017 we have reported seeing 7 turtles trying to cross roads. When possible we stop get the turtle and carry it to the other side but not always is. So in case you see a stranded animal that needs our help crossing manmade structures give them a hand of course be precautious and try to wear gloves in case of touching because animals may get scared and defensive. Sometimes they don’t know that you are trying to help and would try to defend themselves. Also if you need some assistance with rental for chairs and tables or table linen rental prices give us a call and we can provide the information

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