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Visiting Round Rock lights with Texas Party Rental

As of now you can really sense the holiday spirit at the radio, stores and also on the streets. Last week I was at the old settlers community center delivering party rental like table chair rentals, wedding linen rentaland right next to Dell Diamond what i  found was OMG amazing, the Round Rock lights. This is a very impressive piece of art it’s a path way 20ft wide and about 80 long of christmas lights perfect to bring your family and enjoy it.

By the way this is a free attraction to enjoy with all the people you love.

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Created by Texas Party Rental

Edited by Diego Diguilio

There are 3 comments

  1. Pedro Gonzales 1 year ago

    Looks pretty cool

  2. Saul 1 year ago

    My little princess, was fascinated.

    • partyren 11 months ago

      Thats what they are for

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