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Santa’s deer visit our party rentals store

So yesterday was a very special for us at the office. We had a couple visitors that came to eat some grass. So we took a little video of how they came into the front lawn and eat as much grass as they could. This was an excellent way to feel the Christmas spirit to bring joy to the world. In the season try to be kind with each other respect yourself and respect all the people surrounding you and your families all over the city. Try to stay warm as much as you can with clothing or the chimneys flames, also try to spread the love. If having an event and in need of party rentals call us.

Friendly and happy

At Texas party rental we are really friendly and happy when they come and visit us, we see them more often in the winter since our grass its really tasty. Remember that this blog is not just of rental for chairs and tables or table linen rental prices but if you do need our assistance we would love to help figure it out and help you create the perfect event.

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