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How to easy clean your catering equipment rental

Right now we are at holiday mode which means having lots of gathering food and drinks with our love one. But what happens when the event is over and it is time to clean all your dishware rentals and food pans. If you have been cooking for big parties you know it is hard to rub off all burnt stuff from your catering equipment rental pans it takes a lot of muscle and elbow grease to get to suckers out. But what if I show you my secret on how to take all that on an easy peasy non stressful way?

For this we use the grill block which is a mixture of mini rocks altogether to rub off all that. The point is that is strong enough to take stains out but not really hard to break or damage the catering equipment rental this way you can keep everything looking nice and shiny ready for the next one. Something that also helps a lot is using Ajax powder with water to create a paste on surface to clean a let it sit for a couple hours.

Anyways if you need some assistance deciding which equipment is better for you give us a call.

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