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How to avoid delivery fee for this holidays table rentals and chairs

We are 3 days away from Christmas dinner and ready or not is coming our way hahaha.

So if you need just one or two to fit your dinner guest. But what happens if you don’t own a truck or SUV to fit your big table rentals. I know we are in Texas were great part of the population use trucks. Some folks like to save gas money with more efficient cars.

In my line of duty, I have seen it all but trying to fit a rectangular or round table on a compact car sometimes is just impossible to do it. That is why we offer our customers to get foldable tables, yes the ones that the top folds. Obviously we don’t have a whole lot of them but let your representative know and we separate one for you. Also if you need some linen rentals or some rent party chairs we would also love to help


Contact your Event Consulting for help and reserve your table rentals and chairs.

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