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Training your chickens part 2 by Texas Party Rentals

As I told you guys before this blog is not just for Party rentals and event furniture rental austinevent linen rentals or marquee tent rental, we also like to have fun and enjoy life. it is the small things that give us the most satisfaction. We have cage free chickens to provide healthy brown eggs for the family.m

So for the chick we got a ladder inside their coop so they could play around, they love being higher than their peers it is just in their nature to show who is the alpha one. So for a long time we tried to show the chickens how to climb but they were having a difficult time to get down. We give them an extra push by putting dry worms on the top of the ladders and since they love them it was the deal breaker. They love to have their worm treats they jump sing and let you know they are the happiest chickens with their treats.

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  1. Edwin 1 year ago


    I would like to inquire about forniture rentals. I will host a small gathering in my house and I will be needing some extra chairs. Specifically it will be a friends-only gambling (chips only) texas holdem party. The problem is that I don’t know how many people will show up. Most likely we will be 6, plus the dealer, so 7 at a max. We do have some chairs already though, 4 I believe, but one of them it’s missing an armchair so it probably would be a good idea to not use it. That being said, my best ball park estimate is that we will need 3 chairs; it’s very unlikely that I will see a 100% attendance, that rarely happens, plus people sometimes show up late. Anyway, in case everybody happens to show up I’ll just stand up, or heck, I’ll get the dealer to stand up! Or I do have a cooler that I can sit on. So, final word is 3 chairs. Also, would you be able to throw a chicken as part of the deal?? That way I can also throw a chicken shit bingo game and hopefully that’ll get everybody pumped to show up!

    Thank you,


    • partyren 1 year ago

      That’s an excellent inquire give us a call and we will be more than happy to answer all of your questions

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