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We just few days from celebrating Christmas! Yei! from Texas party rentals customer

I usually celebrate Christmas with Family or close friends.

But New Year for me it’s gonna be more of a friend celebration, so some friends and I are planning something nice, not too fancy because we have had enough stress these couple of weeks. So, I’m looking forward to rent a table (cocktail tables actually) and some red or blue linen rentals with some gold and silver sashes. That would look so cute on the cocktail tables! Oh and we also thought we could add some champagne flutes and some bar stools to that! I can already imagine it. I’m pretty sure it will look super cute but not too formal either. Since it will mostly be adults. We want to create a relaxing but cute atmosphere that all of our guest and family enjoy all over the season and time we spend together side by side.

I’m looking forward to visit your Round Rock location and renting chairs and tables for a party. Our New Year party!

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