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Target dog my day off at Texas Party Rental

I was on my day of and not having to go to work, which i love doing but it is also pretty cool to get to rest and just go shopping. Not for the gift i have to buy for christmas just for you go shopping and see things you like to purchase for yourself. So yesterday I had to go to Target yes the big red cute store. It was awesome experience but one of the things though it was pretty cool was the benches on the store with the actual Target dog sitting on them. It made my day to be able to sit with him. I love this grocery store and its calm me down walking around the aisle of all the merchandise, electronic, sportswear, sports equipment, computers, telephones, furniture, pillow and napkins

Any how i just wanted to share my little experience and if you need some party rentals tables chairswhite chairs for wedding rentals or table linen rentals for weddings give us a call.

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  1. Aysel 12 months ago

    I love shopping and target too.

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