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rent party chairs

Just like a carwash is our rent party chairs washer

So its been 3 days since 2018 started and feeling the buzz and exited to a new beginning this year. So I just went to a local car wash business is family operated and locally here in Austin. Anyway the truck needed to get clean again and whose down all the dirt, get it right and clean.

So there I was looking on how the washing machine clean the cars and look pretty much like the chair washer we have back at our party rentals warehouse. They get the car into the line and scrub systematically each and every part of the vehicle. Then they do a polish coat rinse and dry really good with air and hand scrubbing.

As the warehouse crew would say that they wish we had an automatic washer for all of our pieces of inventory  like party rental tables, wedding linen rentals for this we have machines but not for marquee tent rental and event furniture rental austin.

Anyhow this was a broad explanation on how the rent party chairs washers work.

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