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The wise man anniversary by Texas Party Rental

Today we are celebrating the anniversary of the wiseman baby Jesus. Before i tell you the story every time I hear baby Jesus it reminds me of “Talladega night movie” with Will Farrell when he is discussing something with the french guy and it is hilarious, well in general Will Farrell it always cracks the hell out of me I hope one day meet him in person. Anyhow getting back to today’s celebration it’s when they arrive to Jesus birth place to offer the gifts and wondering in the desert for lots of days just to serve and find the king of kings for whole world.

But the interesting thing other than the story is that in some christian countries the wiseman are the ones that bring gifts to the kids like Santa Clause does in the US, for example in south Mexico, Guatemala and lots of places in South America not all of them but a good great region, that makes kids all over around the globe feel great.

In this season Texas party rental have to be very grateful for all the blessings that we have every day. And if you are having a party to celebrate the wise man anniversary in Round Rock and need some chair table rentalparty rental tableclothsevent furniture rental austin, tent heater rentals or hire a party tent we would love to help with everything that we have.

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