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Before driving on freezing conditions by Texas Party Rental

In this season it is great to get all the precautions before hitting the road. To all of our driver in the company we recommend to keep it safe while delivering all the party rentals items to our customers. This season first if the windshield is frozen completely unfrozen to get the best visibility that you can including the side windows.

Try checking the weather forecast and the current road conditions this will help you plan your route. Also for you vehicle check that the tire tread is good and that the heater and defrost are working pretty good. Plan extra time to get to your destination since road driving should be slower than regularly. In our case it doesn’t matter if we are going to deliver a wedding, family party or corporate event safety is first. As our Texas Party Rental fleet manager says “I don’t care if your load is table rentals and chairstable and linen rentalstable rentals for weddings or just some table rentals for weddings safety is always first when it come to my crew” If we got in an accident today we cannot deliver today, tomorrow and we lose a truck for at least a week.

In case you need some assistance  reserving linen rentals or some rent party chairs we also love to help

Contact your Event Consulting for help.

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