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73 year anniversary of wedding party rentals

I am really proud to tell you guys this story. Yesterday was the 73rd wedding anniversary of my grandparents, they got married in our Hometown in 1953 on a local Hotel-venue that hosted weddings at the time, not operating at the presently.

But when my grandmother start telling us about how her wedding was she gets really excited and can tell you lots of details of wedding party rentals, who were the grooms and brides that participated, what color were the wedding linen rentals that they used, the arrangements used on the rent a table, the food that was served in the glassware, dishware and flatware rental and most of the friends who assisted the event. Since it was a indoor venue they did not have any tent rentals like the ones we have.

They have had a very strong marriage that give birth to 3 boys and 3 girls and more than 12 gran children and 2 great grandchildren so far and keep on growing every year.

This is what true love means accepting someone for better or worse and try to make the most of it, really proud of them.

In case you or someone you know is getting married and need linen rentals or some rent party chairs we would also love to help, contact your Event Consulting for help.

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