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Winnie the pooh anniversary ready to rent chair and table party

Today we are celebrating Winnie the pooh birthday!!! If you watch the cartoons as a boy like me you remember the adventures of this bear with Christopher robin, piglet, the bunny and Igor the donkey. They were amazing and on TV after I came from school, just classic cartoons to watch. Well today is the authors birthday and Austin as cool as a city we are, have a festival celebrating winnie the pooh adventures in downtown with a parade and everything.

Today we haven’t got a lot of call or emails maybe a lot of people is attending the festival and having a really good time. We did get enough calls to get time pass fast and help customers rent chair and table party, get their tables chairs for rent or if you say it backwards rent tables chairs nevermind silly joke of me but we do get a lot inquiries for renting chairs and tables for a party and some wedding linen rentals to go with it and also some customer that want to get a ballpark estimate on how much are the tent rental in Austin.

But enough of my work hopefully this afternoon I get to join the festival and have a good time with my Austin peeps.

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