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National Pie Day while checking table linen rentals for weddings

I do not know was has been happening lately but it seems we are eating a lot in the office and having bigger cravings to pursue, it could be the kind a cold weather that our body is trying to gain some weight or not.

Yesterday it was the National Pie Day and, Yes we gotta celebrated in small scale at our Round Rock office and Warehouse. Everyone brought his or hers favorite pie to the pie potluck and since we did not want to repeat we all have to pick a different one to bring and get to vote on the favorite.

It is really awesome to get the sugar rush at lunchtime this way you get to be really active in your taks. For example for me was communicating with customers and answer all their questions regarding cheap table linen rentals for weddings and the possible options that will fit their current budget, also a really lovely bride trying to reserve chair rentals for weddings after we already discussed and informed her about wedding chair rental prices and what are our policies, this way the more she is informed the better decision she is able to take.

But back to the pies the winner was tie between pecan and apple pie although all of them were pretty amazing.

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Edited by Diego Diguilio

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