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The best man made tacos under marquee tent rental

Today we got to enjoy the best man made tacos, we had a disc cookout and got to enjoy really good tacos made from good Texas meat with quality and obviously a little tlc and magic.

After being a while cooking the tacos were ready and did them with the little corn street tacos tortilla, salsa, pico de gallo and sprinkles of melted cheese to make the perfect dish not to mention refried beans.  Everything was a feast to enjoy.

I am really looking forward to get back and tell my customers and coworkers all about it. Obviously not saying just going to chit chat about my tacos also gone a help them get marquee tent rental, white rental chairs for weddings or if they need further information for party tents for hire on that special occasion that may need to reserve a banquet tent and some party rental chairs and tables to go with it maybe offer them our great selection colors and fabrics of wedding linens rental, not everybody but some upscale events would need to acquire dishware, glassware and flatware rentals or if they are a company may need catering equipment.

Anyway we love to help you out with the street tacos recipe or if you need to reserve your marquee tent rental in Austin.

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Edited by Diego Diguilio

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  1. tina 9 months ago

    Mmmmmh !!! Sounds good, you forgot Guacamole !!

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