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rental party chairs and tables

Does my rental party chairs and tables fit on a small car?

This is a sample email from questions that we get a lot

Hi, after discussing it with my wife, we decided to get rental party chairs and tables,  two tables and 12 chairs to be exact. I just wanted to confirm that these are 6-foot foldable tables, and the chairs are foldable too. Is that correct? We will need these for the event date., and as long as these items will fit in a standard car, will pick them up ourselves.

The answer is yes they will fit and for this cases we have especially set aside a couple of foldable tables that can virtually fit on any car for a small event. This way you are able to enjoy party table chair rentals without the hassle of buying, I mean if you need to hire a tent for a party we will need to do the delivery and set up of it. But if it’s only chairs for party rental for a small gathering we have your back and save the deliveries fees for something else.

Give us a call or shoot us an email and we will answer all of your rental party chairs and tables questions.

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