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Iced Waterfall and rent banquet chairs

We went to a really amazing family trip to enjoy the company and be able to spend time together altogether, this time we got a nice cold weather to be able to use our feather jackets and gloves to stay warm.

So we went to the downtown of the small town to walk around the park and the city hall, it was built on the 1800s with a german architecture and lots of tiny local shops around the square.

In the middle of the park it was a waterfall all frozen up to the weather, the kids were amazed on how powerful is mother nature.

So for tomorrow I Am looking forward to get back to work to Texas Party Rental Round Rock HQ and talk to my amazing asking where to rent chairs for a weddinglinen rentals to go with their rent a table, to use under the wedding rent tents, glassware rentals and dance floor rental.

Anyhow if you want to get a hold of me call me or email for rent banquet chairs.

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