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Megabus ride review by Texas Party Rental

A couple of days ago I had to go to Dallas and meet with some Texas Party Rental vendors and peers about rental of chairs and tables and the Industry in general since my team went a day before me, decided to take the Megabus from Downtown Austin. The station is perfectly situated in 15th and San Jacinto on 78701 which is very convenient for me since mostly north part of Austin but fair enough if you are coming from the south like William Canon or Slaughter ln. Got there like 30 min before the bus departed. A bus going to Houston was ready to leave and they were telling all the instructions to hop in the bus. The process was very simple. Then 20 before leaving our bus arrived people got off we got in and voila. All set and ready to part our way, the bus leaves the station right on the dot which in my opinion was great! The seats are nice and comfortable for a 4 hr ride, WIFI worked pretty good for Texas Party Rental and I love this feature. This gave me the capability of almost being at the office got to answer emails from customers regarding questions on how rental for chairs and tables worked and the process itself, got one from a bride to be that needed some assistance on how to pick the right size of wedding linen rentals which gladly explained and also refer her to our section of Tools and party tips “very helpful when planning a wedding” and also had a brief call on some details regarding a  banquet tent for a corporate event coming up next month.

At the end of the ride got to my destination being a happy camper with the smooth ride. Let me just add that the bus was really clean and smelled great. Driver was courteous giving instructions but not talked a lot to get us bored.

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