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2017 Corvette Dream car view by Texas Party Rentals

The other day was walking around and saw my dream car the 2017 Chevy corvette in red OMG it is an amazing car with its legendary V8 engine with more than 480 HP under the hood that open backwards than regular cars that can go 0-60 in less than 4 seconds. This is a lot of muscle for one car and not to mention the aerodynamic design that has. With all the belts and whistles to help you focus on the road and enjoy the driving. It even comes with WIFI inside the car if desired.

Let me tell you that this is my dream car and hopefully really soon able to drive one. That’s a day to look forward my friend. Anyhow I envision this moment with lots of passion. This is a motivation for myself that helps me take care the best I can with all of my customer at Texas Party Rentals  renting tables and chairs for a weddingor if they are having an event tables and chairs for rent or maybe they just need some banquet tables for rent and one day meet a chevy engineer that invite us to test it out. So if you know one spread the voice and I’ll be in debt with you.

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  1. Marie 2 years ago

    I prefer a Dodge Challenger.

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