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Celebrate the Chinese New Year, Year of the Dog at Texas Party Rental

Chinese New Year is here, and we always have something to celebrate, Olympics, Mardi Gras, Valentine’s Day, etc.  For the Chinese New Year there is a lot to do if you have kiddos, you can teach them how to make paper lanterns, paper fans, paper dragon boats, etc.

You can contact us to rent banquet tables where you can have the kids entertained or round party tables for rent to have them looking at the crafts of each other.  Don’t forget the chairs otherwise they will be running around. table & chair rentals places are great and time saving for busy parents. Don’t forget the food, orange chicken, teriyaki chicken, etc.  and for that rent a table with us. We have delivery service.


Contact your Event Consulting for help.

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  1. Mary 2 years ago

    Wow, the paper dragon boats are beautiful, I did one with my kid… tried… and it was beautiful. I really enjoy Orange chicken, delicious.

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