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Saul service review on wedding event venues  

After witnessing how amazing the wedding was, we asked Saul what were his thoughts and inside view of The Texas Hall at Hacienda del Toro which he respond “ I wasn’t expecting such a great service “ which for us in the Event and party rentals industry is like hitting a home run, the ride on the pink unicorn, you get the picture right. With the way information is flowing presently and how business interactions take place it is really difficult to wow a customer. With Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest sharing knowledge we can pretty much experience the buying or the service use without leaving our home, this way we know what to expect when requesting a service for us.

We always, yes always try to make our customers experience the best possible on wedding event venues  that’s our moto and our customers are satisfied with the service provided but in order to overachieve customer expectancy it really good and less common to see. I just wanted to congratulate The Texas Hall on their review and also very proud to be able to participate in this event providing wedding table linen rentals, table rentals and chairs its huge for us. Thank you for letting us be part of your life

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