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The most original Hamburger menu by Texas Party Rentals

I was looking at the pictures at the party rentals stored in my Iphone and got into the ones of the new years trip we took to north Texas driving from Austin. So we drove 3 hrs to an amazing place to spend the last and first days of the year with the kids and the dog, so no one left behind like in the army.

One of the day we went walking to the central square in downtown to get to see the little local stores in amazing antique buildings from 1930 – 1940 or really colorful town like something you will see in Instagram country weddings were they take pictures of the bride and groom and such.

In of the locals around the square it was a The filling station an amazing hamburger joint with a very unique menu names for the hamburguer. Is themed towards car parts like the firebird, dipstick, deuce coupe, torpedo, assembly, transmission and so on and on which I thought it was hilarious and very original way to name the dishes with a really good taste and prices.

Went back and told the office ladies and gents and we all were thinking how amazing will be to have a place like this nearby Texas Party Rentals HQ in Round Rock. That way we could take call from our customers that want ask us where to rent chairs and tables for partiesothers that may need some packages of rent chair and table party, we also can offer wedding linen rentals, sometimes they also need some glassware, dishware and flatware rental or even go onsite consultation for tent rentals and in between take our lunch breaks, take out or just swing by and pick up a delicious hamburger for the road, OMG that would be fabolous.

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Created by Texas Party Rentals

Edited by Diego Diguilio



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