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The Road to Zion by Texas Party Rental

On the great state of Iowa is located the famous road to Zion, which I got to saw. Imagine you are in 1840 and the Mormons are trying to get to Zion, Utah their new home. This group of people travel for over 2 years to get to their destination spending a winter on the road close to Des Moines. When I went it was freezing cold temps from 10 – 17 Fahrenheit in mid-January. This temperature is really dangerous you can get a frostbite with only 30 min outdoors with proper clothing, no imagine almost 200 years ago without electricity, gasoline cars covering, just walking with horses and so. It must be really difficult to complete the task on hand.

Back to reality seating in my office remembering the trip and helping clients that would like to have a crazy event and need to get Party Rental like tent chairs and table rentals to seat up all of their guest, an amazing bride trying to decide the best color for table linen rentals for weddings and trying to see the pros and cons of reserving a banquet tent rental.

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  1. Pedro Gonzales 2 years ago

    That was an epic road for our ancestors

    • partyren 2 years ago

      We appreciate your comment and hopefully you find all the party rentals needed

  2. Marie 2 years ago

    It is amazing how our ancestors had the courage to deal all the adversities they had in their lives

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