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Celebrate Near Miss Day under tent chairs and table rentals

March 23 is Near Miss Day, an annual reminder of the day in 1989 when an asteroid nearly collided with the Earth.

It was a 300-meter wide asteroid called 4581 Asclepius flew past the Earth by a distance of about 450,000 miles (684,000 kms) and almost missed striking it by 6 hours. Experts estimate that if the asteroid had hit the Earth, the resulting collision would have released energy equal to about 1000 atom bombs!

Really close

It is a good thing then that the asteroid wasn’t discovered until March 31, 9 days after it had flown by the Earth. Named after the Greek god of medicine, Asclepius, was discovered by American astronomers Henry E. Holt and Norman G. Thomas

How to celebrate? Easy, celebrate it, by celebrating LIFE and ALL the Second Chances you and me have ever been given. Take your family to the park enjoy your day under tent chairs and table rentals, look for table and linen rentals spend some time with them, rent a table just for food and don’t forget white wedding chairs for rent these are the most comfortable chairs. So enjoy life and have fun with your love ones.

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