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National Public Sleeping Day! You may need tent chairs and table rentals

So if you feel like you need to take a nap to recharge your batteries and you are not in the proper place to do so, don’t worry yesterday’s was  February 28th the National Public Sleeping Day. So if you are one happy person that just needs any crazy-fun reason to celebrate, well this is a great reason !And we have all you might need for this to happen we have tent chairs and table rentals,  banquet tables for rent in case you are short on tables, with us you can also hire a party tents.

To be honest I have had that feeling where I’m just feeling so tired and sleepy that I have wished I could take a nap just anywhere! I now this celebration sound crazy, but any reason is a good reason to smile, laugh and take a nap! So remember Texas Party Rental has cheap chairs and tables for rent and more!

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Edited by Ivonne Munoz

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  1. susan 2 years ago

    So I will celebrate this day by sleeping on the bus hahaha, weird made-up holiday.

  2. Nikki 2 years ago

    Next year I will take mi kids to the park and take a nap there, not on the bus. Hi Ivonne, Thank you for customer service it was awesome.

  3. Jaci 2 years ago

    Jajaja ! Cool!
    I need to start celebrating the National Public Sleeping Day!

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