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I got engaged, now what?

I got engaged, now what?

First of all, Congratulations y’all!!! 
This is a very exciting time in your life. Here’s a list of what you need to do to enjoy your post-engagement phase. 

1. Take time to just be happy together
We live socially connected these days, it might feel second-nature to Instagram live your proposal, which is ok to, but also take time to enjoy the happy moment just the two of you.
2. Announce to family, then friends that are almost family, then everyone else
Yes, after you post that ring on Facebook on social media, make sure you call all the important people in your life and share the news.
3. Get your ring sized
Does it fit perfectly? If not, go to your local Jeweler store, some might even adjust free of charge.
4. Pick your wedding party and plan an engagement party — if you want one.
Decide if you want an engagement party or not. If you do, decide what type of party you want, big, small, rustic, elegant, and start planning the celebration. This process will help you get over the I got engaged, now what? sensation.
5. Think about your wedding timeline.
The first thing to do is to select a date and book a Venue (since you already have the most important thing – the groom.  😉      Need ideas check The Texas Hall.
6. Get inspired!
Start looking at wedding pictures to get ideas. Make sure you know what you want and what you don’t want. It’s a great to get inspired before your start your planning.  Wedding websites and magazines are great sources of information.
7. Contact and select your wedding vendors.
It’s better to contact them once you have a date and a venue. That allows you to get real quotes an avoid surprise fees. Important vendors includes Flowers, DJ, Catering, Texas Party Rental, Ceremony, Bar and Service Staff.

8. Where will the newlyweds will live?
This is an important conversation.  Figure out where you both want to start your new life together.  Consider location, budget, commute time for both of you, etc.  Best way to get the bang for your buck is to use a free apartment service like FindDApartment.  They will help you find your new home, with the best location and rent prices. 

Contact your event consultant for great ideas

Created by Pepe Lozano  at Texas Party Rental

Edited by Global Frontdesk

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