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7 ways to avoid extra charges

The easiest and way is to have all party rentals Austin of your order ready for return/pick up.

At Deliveries have items ready to be pick up the same way they were delivered

  1. All rental items arranged in the same spot together.
  2. Chairs stacked same way our staff deliver them.
  3. Tables folded as they were delivered.
  4. Shake crumbs from linens before place on laundry bags with hangers.
  5. Linens placed on laundry bags with hangers.
  6. Rinse free of food; plates, glassware, silverware, all catering equipment chafers, tongs, hot box etc.
  7. To avoid any cleaning charges, wipe down any food spills, mud or paint from the equipment.
table & chair rentals

Our warehouse checks all return items to get them ready for next event.

In case of loss or damage let us know to avoid extra charges

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Created by Adriana Guerra at Texas Party Rental at Round Rock

Edited by Ellen S

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