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Best wedding table linens Austin

Safe Tents – Happy Guests

Are you planning an outdoor party? Sounds great! Well, it sounds great before you are actually at a party and the firework show starts and something goes wrong. Or maybe it is just the food or something is off about the entire scene.

Outdoor parties are fun, but at the same time dangerous. Fun always comes at a cost and everyone knows it, but the host is always responsible for the mishaps. So, just like you have prepared for the party with all the decorations, catering and guests, I just hope you are prepared with the security measures. Still don’t get what I mean? Have a look.

Best wedding table linens Austin

Hosting an Outdoor Party

The first thing you need to host an outdoor party is getting a tent, chairs, tables and a catering service. Getting a rental tent and rental tables and chairs are going to be the least of your problems, as there are many firms for party rentals in Austin. The problem is going to be getting the best service for the same.

You can trust us for the rentals services, what you need to worry about the catering services.

Best wedding table linens Austin


Outdoor parties almost always involve fireworks. Just keep in mind when you are playing with fireworks, it is safe. Keep them away from the tent and the guests, you cannot always trust the direction of fire and some young guest might want to go close to the fireworks even though they shouldn’t.

They Just sneak out from their parent’s line of sight and play around with fireworks. So, keep the basic precautions in mind and be extra conscious since you are using them in a party and not with just your family around.

Best wedding table linens Austin

The Kitchen

When you are booking a catering, they either bring in a portable kitchen or use your kitchen or just bring some electronics to heat the stuff up, you need to be careful about the distance of the kitchen from the guests. While you are always careful in kitchen, you can never be careful enough around gas, LPG, and propane.

Especially if you are going to have fireworks at your party you need to be extra careful. Use the fireworks at least a few 100 feet away from the kitchen. Or just close everything off when you are going to have a firework show. Both of them together don’t go well.

Best wedding table linens Austin

Escape Safety

When guests come to your party, they come with a factor of trust. Just like you greeted them in, it is your uncalled duty to escort them when they are ready to leave and to do that you need to get some things straight.

A stormy night, a fire hazard or something else that caused the emergency should be handled with calm minds and this could happen on if you are prepared. So, have an escape route ready. It could be in some shelter in case of a storm or out of the compound in other emergencies, but it needs to be ready.

If you are looking to host an outdoor party and need help with the rental tables, chairs, rental tents or any other décor, then call us at (512) 800 8535 to get the best quality products. We even provide wedding table linens.

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Best wedding table linens Austin
Best wedding table linens Austin

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