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5 ways to an affordable wedding and still have linens rentals Austin

Getting the event venue for the wedding is as important as selecting your partner. After all, finances are everything and one needs to be cautious planning. Is important not to go broke to plan for a great event. Save money by following simple steps.

Select an affordable wedding reception venue where you can play host to both. A Church with an attached hall is a wonderful choice. Money is saved on transportation and rental fees.

1 Negotiate

Wedding party hall rentals will waive certain charges like minimal, time frame, food cost and room rents if you ask them. There is a lot of scope for negotiations in indoor wedding reception venues.

2 Trimmed guest list

Limit the guest size according to your budget. This will save you lots of money by making a smaller space to work. The saved money can be used to provide more comfortable amenities.

3 Pick down times

Hall rentals may charge higher prices during peak season. This will allow hefty discounts on the party rentals or at least not paying prime prices. You could even go serving brunch instead of full meal.

4 Pick the small package

Choose a wedding venue like The Texas Hall that will supply basic packages such as audio equipment, linens rentals Austin, tables and  chairs. It may save a costly affair if you need to procure the entire infrastructure by yourself. In case of an outdoor reception venue make sure to arrange for tables and audio equipment from your family and friends beforehand.

5 Credit cards

Earn travel points while using a credit card. This can turn, in your advantage when spending on honeymoon costs.

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Created by Adriana Guerra at Texas Party Rental in Round Rock

Edited by Ellen S.

linens rentals Austin

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