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Be Humble Day in Party Rentals Austin

The past week we had the practice humility on February 22nd or Be Humble Day among our fellow pears. Cultures, religions, and philosophies around the world stress the importance of practicing humility in our daily lives. The holiday promotes the idea that accepting our errors and our faults makes us better human beings.

So, take this day to listen to others, not boast about one’s own life and achievements, and to accept that we have faults that we need to work on.

How to Celebrate?  Appreciate other people’s achievements.  Take the day to introspect and think of ways to make your life better and to move towards perfection. If you have children in your life, give them a lesson in humility and teach them that humility is a good virtue to have.

The staff at Texas Party Rental are humble, we love our customers, appreciate them, you can contact us anytime for rent linens, chair rentals for weddings , chairs tables for rent and can count on having the best experience.

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  1. Lua 2 years ago

    I really liked your post, it was very inspiring. Just because of that I will give you guys a try for an event I’m having in April.

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