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Be Nice to Jersey Week in where to rent chairs and tables Austin

This July 3-9 is the week we’ve been anticipating all year—Be Nice to Joisey (oops, Jersey) Week! We have to admit; the state does get a lot of undeserved heat. New Jersey Jokes go far back before the state even existed in its current form—they started in the 17th century, when the state was promised to two people who split it in half. Cue the identity crisis jokes, which only escalated throughout the years. Enter Lauren Barnett, editor of Lone Star Publications of Humor in Texas, who declared the week-long holiday in 1985 to stop the madness. While we can say with certainty she did not succeed, we can at least pause the madness for one week. So join us in trying your hardest not to make fun of what’s (probably) a very nice state!

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