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Celebrate Pigs In A Blanket Day with Texas party rentals Austin

Pigs In A Blanket is a simple concept and have been found throughout the world in many variations since time out of mind. You simply take a sausage and wrap it! That it’s it! Usually you’ll find them wrapped in some form of pastry, with puff pastry being one of the most universally popular. Very tasty yum yum all the way.

Unsurprising given that the rich meaty flavor and texture of the sausage plays beautifully with the flaky delicate flavor of the puff pastry! In Mexico, they are known as salchitaco’s a portmanteau of salchicha (which means sausage) and the almost universally recognizable taco, and are wrapped in tortillas before being dunked into sizzling hot vegetable oil.

Have your little ones help you, not with the frying, but with the wrapping once you’re done enjoy all of your kids mess and have fun with them, so rich out to us for cheap chairs and tables for rent, linen rentals or party tents for hire.

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  1. Julia 2 years ago

    You guys always make me crave something! LOL!

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