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So what is a covenant marriage?

The main emphasis of this marriage is the unavailability of an easy path to divorce. In an age where the institution of marriage is gradually eroding, covenant marriages offer stability. A couple entering a covenant marriage must specify a particular procedure to get a divorce.

Divorce is not an easy option

Mandatory counseling must be received by the couple before tying the knot. There is no option for a no-fault divorce. At the same time, adultery, marital abuse and extended periods of separation are taken as grounds for divorce acceptance.

Reinvigorated commitment

Fast divorced are discouraged by reinforcing a renewed sense of commitment in the couple when things are going south.

Families are strengthened

Everybody goes through a challenging phase in marital life. This doesn’t mean that divorce is the answer. Families are shattered by divorces. The strength of family bonding increases by increasing individual resilience among the couple and making the community more stable. Kids can now expect two parents to guide them during the critical period of their childhood.

Louisiana, Arkansas and Arizona recognize the legal binding of covenant marriages. Covenant marriages enable the couple to recognize the long term consequences of entering a marriage. This helps them to gain maturity and stability. The marriage is made sacred by increasing the devotion of both partners and its challenges and corrects the moral corruption that is seeping in modern-day marriages.

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