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For weeks, summer has slowly been slipping away. The days are getting shorter, the nights longer, and the first days of cool, crisp weather roll in. For many, it’s the best time of year: On September 22, the Fall Equinox for 2018 has arrived. 

Got a recipe that kills at every party? Well, maybe it can get the pumpkin spiced treatment, too. Brownies, cakes, pies, cocktails, and even savory pork and beef dishes can be kicked up a notch by this single spice. Or, invite your friends over and see what you all can cook up together,  rent a table Austin  to have your food in buffet style, marquee tent rentals Austin, rent banquet chairs Austin  for your guest and  rent banquet tables Austin for you to enjoy your meals. The summer’s heat is finally gone, so take advantage of these early crisp days of fall. Whether it’s just a simple walk around your neighborhood or a hike through the falling leaves, make it a point to get outside and notice the changes that are happening around you.

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