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Kids party

Good ideas for Kids party?

There are lots of ways to have a Kids parties. Last weekend we went to The Texas Hall at Hacienda del Toro located on the heart of Round Rock on brushy creek surrounded with lots of nature views this is probably one of my favorites wedding venues in Austin. If you haven’t been here, see the pics on their website. We got to go and deliver Party Rentals for their event.

So this was a Star Wars theme party and a couple of the characters show up at the party and teach the kids how to use their light saver swords with Luke, Jedi’s, Dart Vader and so on. The kids were having an awesome time parents too. Like they say we all have an interior kid that like to play with toys and have fun. You should see the faces of the kids party it was amazing.

This is a good theme party and easy to pull. When you’re planning a kids party it’s better to go with non-stressful events that would make your kids friends and guest to a have a good time and let you enjoy it all the party. This choosing is excellent while hosting a party at The Texas Hall you don’t have to worry about cleaning or getting it ready for the event. The venue already has place settings so no need to rent tables and chairs, linen rentals, tents, dance floor or other items party rentals items because the Texas hall already has all those items ready to go for your event.

Another great feature that kids parties include a selection of refreshments such as water and Juices and snacks for the kids like chips and cookies are always a plus for entertaining the kids. You only have to worry about getting the cake and the really cool candles for the cake.

For more information contact Haciendatoro.com there awesome!!!

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