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wedding tent rental Austin

How much does cost to have a wedding tent rental Austin

This is one of the most common questions I get asked when meeting a bride in our showroom. While there is a lot of details that go into play. We will try to do our best to explain wedding tent rental Austin. So if for your wedding you may require one (or if you need one for a weather backup plan) tents costs can add up quickly. Those added dollars can put your dream wedding over budget if you don’t plan accordingly. So, just how much do wedding tents cost? We are getting closer to the explanation.

The most common wedding tents type are the frame tent is more versatile since it can go on multiple surfaces (including grass, asphalt, concrete or a deck). Since there are no poles inside the tent, it will give you more square footage inside since you don’t have to plan your seating around the poles, like a tiny house. Just to round it up calculate $10-25 per guest depending how simple or elaborated you pick the tent.

Additional items

  •  Flooring
  • Side walls
  • Liners/Draping
  • Lighting
  • Heaters
  • Fans/AC
  • Catering tent or serving área

This weekend we set up a couple of huge tents at 2900 N Quilan Park Rd, Austin TX. 78732

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