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How to do wedding weather predictions for marquee tent rentals

First let me tell you a little story I have a friend, long before entering the party rentals Austin world, and for story purposes will be Brian. When we started to pick colleges and deciding where to study and options from ACC, University of Texas at Austin, Concordia, St. Edward’s, Texas State and a lot more my buddy says I’m not really sure which college to attend but I want to work in something that if I totally messed up still get pay or even promoted, my answer to this was, so you want to be a banker or a politician? He laughs really hard and said not those are not the only jobs for that, what do you think of being a weatherman?

Obviously this shared story was my buddies joke. But it’s really hard to know exactly how your event day weather will be and why you may need a marquee tent rentals, not only because the central Texas weather in Austin is always changing from raining to hail predictions to hot and toasty 100 degrees on the same day. Yes, we are truly unique not only for our tacos and BBQ, ACL, and friendly weird vibe, also the weather. This without counting the climate changes due to global warming, pollution and over exploding earth resources.

An easy way to get an idea how the weather will be is the Farmer’s almanac which gives the last 100 years and how the weather behave this passing time.

There is no 100% accuracy method for weather predictions, a good solution is marquee tent rentals anyhow the almanac can give a really good idea how that week can be. Who is more savvy that history itself. This is easier when planning and event and trying to figure out quantities for table chair rentals, wedding linen rentals and most important should we get to cover our guest.

Like my good old daddy used to say better have more than what you need than less of what you need this also applies for marquee tent rentals needs that you may have for your event

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