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How to enjoy a wedding rentals austin on Hurricane storm?

With Hurricane Harvey hit on the gulf coast there has been mayor stress on the general population. The day that Harvey touch land was scheduled around noon time. That morning we had a wedding set up at the Umlauf Sculpture Garden and Museum located 605 Robert E Lee Rd, Austin, TX 78704. Just to clear the scene we had wind, shower storms, thunders that come prior to Harvey. When we got to the museum they were trees branches fallen heavy rain and not the best climate for a lovely wedding rentals austin under a marquee tent.

Our party rental Crew

Our crew arrive to deliver and set up party rentals. So the first thing the wedding planner did, was to change the setup from outdoor to indoor hall. So the hall was being renovated with ladders paint tools and such nothing like an event hall to host the wedding. The bride was very happy as well as the bridal party that start helping to clean the hall and prepare to host the event while we set up all the wedding rentals austin .

The work began

All together our crew started to set up table & chair rentals and after started with the wedding table linens in the mean time staff and bridal party helping with decorations and such. With limited time for the ceremony to start, we were at full speed. Finally, everything and all their pieces started falling on their place looking amazing and the room was ready for the wedding ceremony to start. All of the wedding rentals austin were good to go and an amazing event was starting.

At the end they thanked Texas party rental staff and everybody that was helping for the set up rent wedding chairs and linen rentals. The ceremony was a success and the Bride and Groom were happy and radiant with the guest.

One truly success of love giving the extenuating circumstances we were able to pull it off and our customer was more than satisfied with their wedding rentals Austin.

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