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Look up the Sky Day, celebrate with table chair rentals

On April 14, step out of your home or office and take a few minutes to look up at the sky because it is Look up the sky Day. Maybe this unofficial holiday, with unknown origins, aims to encourage people to go outdoors and enjoy the various bounties of nature.

During the day, the sky looks blue because of a phenomenon called Rayleigh Scattering. Even though it looks white to the human eye, sunlight is made up of different colors, each of which has a specific wavelength. Some colors, like blue and violet, have short wavelengths, while reds and yellow have longer wavelengths.

Have some chairs & tables for rent also a marquee tent and rent banquet tables for snacks and Drinks. Read with your kids about different kind of clouds and constellations. Play who spots the most types of constellations and clouds or spend the day doing some bird watching. After all, birds are an integral part of the landscape of the sky.

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