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Mason Jar with our table rentals and chairs

Last week I got the opportunity to witness an amazing wedding at The Texas Hall banquet venues, that had everything the bride and groom would need to have an exceptional event, every little detail has been accounted for. From the amazing country chic installations, the classic Texas barn for the reception and the beautiful arch for the ceremony. The wedding planner made such and amazing work with every detail.  My favorite part was that for drinking they were using mason jars I even took a video of how amazing it looks and feels. The tables chairs and tent rental were dressed with amazing white linen rental topped with excellent runners.

Enjoy each moment

Another thing is that the bride and groom were really happy and enjoying every single moment of the wedding. Every minute counts and slowly builds up lifetime memories that would last forever. Take pictures of the event so you can show them years later to yalls kids, when they start asking How did my parents meet? This way you have more than enough pictures to show them about the wedding and also the table rentals and chairs.

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  1. Sergio 2 years ago

    You are right about the pictures Diego. I know this is gonna sound corny but, to me the pictures are very important, cause I want my kids to know that they are the fruit of the great love of my life.

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