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National Crème Brulee Day table chair party rentals Austin

n a miraculous stroke of culinary genius, someone thought that topping vanilla custard with a brittle crust of caramelized sugar would taste good. Of course they were wrong — it tasted incredibly delicious. The dessert is best known as Crème Brûlée (“burnt creme” in French), but depending on where you’re from, it’s also known as Crema Catalana and Trinity Burnt Creme. Whatever you like to call this intensely creamy, crunchy and luxurious dish, keep in mind that National Crème Brûlée Day is July 27 — so schedule your day of indulgence now!

You can make everyone their own crème, or work from recipes for crème brûlée-flavored brownies, cheesecake, cupcakes, pie, or other derivations. If there’s anything better than decadence, it’s decadence shared among friends.

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