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National Moth Day with banquet tent rentals Austin

The last week in July is all about celebrating under banquet tent rentals Austin the fabulous. moth! Butterflies’ less-beautiful cousin, moths are nothing to scoff at, and National Moth Week is all about celebrating these delightful (and helpful!) creatures. Did you know moths are among the most diverse organisms on Earth? It’s true! Scientists estimate there are at minimum 150,000 moth species, and some believe that there could be over 500,000! Moths have been found that are small as a pinhead and as large as an adult-human’s hand. But of course, it’s their incredibly complicated wing colors and patterns that make them especially dazzling. Last week we were standing in 4302 Airport Blvd, Austin TX 78723 and got really lucky looking at moths so my recommendation is Go mothing!

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You may have heard of a spirit animal, but did you also know that we each have a spirit moth? It’s true! Take down your moth guide from the bookshelf or look online through images of moths online (an easy way: go to Google, search moths, and click on the image tab). Find one that speaks to you. That’s your spirit moth!

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