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Texas Party Rental offers event tent and party rentals, with wedding tents, tables, linens and chair Austin Texas and Central Texas including surrounding areas that need event and party rentals items such as Table rental, tent rental, chair rental, linen rentals for wedding, catering equipment. Our Service are is Austin tx metro area including Georgetown, Round Rock, Plugerville, kyle, buda, san marcos, Liberty hill, leander, lago vista lakeway, dripping springs and driftwood. We are a full service tent and party rental company born and based in Austin Tx  Specializing in outdoor tent, weddings tent, party tent, fundraiser tents and events, company tents, picnic tent and corporate tents event rentals for all of Central texas and Surrouning areas. We also have worked with the largest and most experienced tenting companies of the country. For your convenience, we have provided quick and easy access to our complete line of party rental equipment via the rental menu at the top of the page. Choose from a variety of options for chair rental, table rental, linen rental, party tents, port a cool fans, mushroom heaters, bar tables or anything else that your special event planning and doing requires
Planning for your party or special event can seem overwhelming specially with all the invitations RSVP to receive, menu options budget, location, event theme also what rental items rental should we need for our event starting from tables and chairs, linens tablecloths, napkins chair cover if it’s an outdoor event is we will need rental tents would food will be served on dishware or disposable the same for flatware as for Catering Equipment. Also would there be some dancing on the event and if you what size of rental dance floor would be needed to rent like indoor dance floor or outdoor dance floor rental. There are so many considerations and decisions, from inviting guests to scheduling and securing a location. Whether your event is a once in a lifetime indoor or outdoor tent wedding reception or a corporate business luncheon, you know it is important to get it right. Fortunately, there is lots of help available to take on the burden of event planning, event processing and executing all of your event rental needs and ensure that your event is a grand success. It is likely that in order to deliver an excellent event experience for your guests, you are going to need to rent or purchase linens, tent, table and chairs as well for glassware certain items to make it happen at all. By working closely with an experienced and dedicated party rental company in your Austin and Central Texas locations like Texas Party Rental for those party rents items, you will get much more than simply silverware and table linens or table n chair rental. We are the right party rental company that delivers many significant advantages to pull off a memorable event. We can ease your worries, answer your questions, and reduce the stress, allowing you just to enjoy the experience as much as your guests will. The key benefit is our experience and infrastructure for helping and serving Central Texas families with the rental logistics for their event such as catering equipment, tent, folding tables and chairs linens, Glassware, cocktail tables and bars Silverware, dishware, Staging and Dance floor rental knowing that all your rental items will be delivered as requested by you.
Even the most experienced event planners will discover that help often in the planning is extremely valuable this way is easier for us what are the customer expecting on their wedding tent rental. It will allow them to create a unique event with their goals. Having Texas Party Rental helping you decide and coordinate, offering advice, and helping you create theme vision of how your event unfolds to have a significant impact on the outcome making easier on all the rental equipment used get the correct rental chairs, rental color linen and the best tent rent size for you. You may be surprised to learn all the things that need to be considered from Tents rental for weather conditions, guest parking, catering equipment rental, and security items such as stanchions just to name a few. Furthermore, these easily items overlooked aspects of an event are only the beginning. You still must choose a color scheme, ensure you have enough tables and chairs, wine glasses and so many other details to manage. Whether you are planning a major event or a small get-together, you can rest easy knowing you are in capable and caring hands.
Full-service Tent rental company service is a term that many companies throw around, so finding a rental company that lives up to the claim is exceptionally beneficial like Texas Party Rental. A full-service rental company can assist you with event set-up and break-down for all of the rental items the day of the event like table and chair, linens, dance floor and also the Tent. We can help you coordinate with other vendors in how to deliver a seamless process throughout. Also, you will have available to you a wide range of options, and everything that fits you well. Nothing is left out, from the basics like linens and tent canopies to the unique such as dance floor or staging equipment. If you have a DJ or need for audio/visual tools, they should have you covered. Flooring, lighting, heating systems, and other furnishings will have to be readily available. Whatever you need to create a memory that lasts forever, or cements your company as the expert in your field can be achieved with the right assistance at the right time.
Nobody wants to attend a boring event but we can help you plan a fun outcome. Also, if you are hosting an event Tents or not, you certainly want to have a great return on your investment for rental items. That is true whether your return is in the form of contented loved ones or enticed potential clients. A full-service rental company like Texas Party Rental will have the right team, experience and infrastructure in place to help you craft an event that is anything but boring and offers you an exceptional return on your investment. Texas Party Rental our entire business is events rentals from tent rental to the dance floor and everything in between is one of the advantages of working with us.
Texas Party Rental have the experience, capacity and skill to ensure your event will be remembered for long time after by your guests. Our team and crew is passionate about providing the best in service and value working closely with you to meet all of your needs, we would be more than happy to answer all of your questions in a professional manner advice to help you create a truly special experience. We specialize in rental services for Corporate events, wedding and private parties and we offer a full line of rental items from dinnerware to everything else you may need. Please contact us, to be a part of your special day no regrets.
In case you are going to have a party that you are planning in the future? It can be a lot of work to plan and create an event. Do you feel overwhelmed and you feel like you just want it to be over with everything? But with Texas Party Rental it doesn’t have to be this way.
All you need is Texas Party Rental on your side, to create that special party and event management. Below are three advantages of hiring Texas Party Rental to help you handle all your rental needs
Most of the companies offer many products and packages designed with helping you plan the essential rental parts of the event or party. Whether it’s a corporate event or family gathering, we will guide and help you. We also think about things you may not consider, like tent rental for bad weather. Event planner referral that can help can coordinate all types of vendors like caterers, helpers, valet parking, and even waiters and bar tenders if it’s needed for the event.
We also can help you with setting it up and breaking it down the rental items. So that you can enjoy it. We layout all the logistics for rental equipment delivery to your venue and make sure it’s arranged the way you want. This includes tablecloths rental, rental tabletop pieces like dishware, glassware, flatware and also guest furniture items like tables and chairs, tents for weather support or dance floor and staging to service those convention’s needs.
We can provide you with many types of things like an event rental equipment and stage, linens, overlay, runners, napkins, chairs and tables, and tableware. Also provide tent rentals, heaters, lighting, and flooring or your event’s a corporate trade show or convention, we also can set up drape and pipe displays, sound systems, furniture and banners, lounge furniture pieces.
As you can see there are three great reasons to hire a party rental company that you can really trust like Texas Party Rental for your next event. One of the reasons that isn’t even listed yet is that you will have more time and energy to enjoy your event since you don’t have to worry about every single thing yourself. This comes in handy when you are having a event and you want to have fun enjoying the guest company and don’t want to worry about anything just Contact Texas Party Rental and enjoy our great selection of Tables and Chairs, linens, dishware, glassware, tent rental and accessories.
We have a great selection of tables and chairs for your next event. Tables, chairs, linens are available in a wide range of colors, fabrics and sizes. We have more than 75 colors of linens in stock that’s without all the fabric types available to our customers

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