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Party Rentals Austin Items please click on the link below to see our product inventory ready to full fill all of your special event rentals needs.

 Tables (Click here)

For rental tables we have a great selection for all of your event rentals needs. We have a broad selection from rectangular tables, round tables, cocktail tables, seminar tables and special tables like serpentine and half round tables.

Chairs (Click here)

For rental event chairs we have a very good rental selection ready for your party, corporate event or wedding. For our rental catalog we offer from the basic folding chairs passing thru the wood folding chairs in natural wood, dark wood or mahogany also the classic white resin chairs very popular for weddings and great for those pictures. All the way to the chivari chairs and banquet chairs for conference and business meetings. We also carry barstools for cocktail parties creating a great atmosphere for guest to mingle around enjoying a great event.

Linens (Click here)

We have a great selection of fabrics and a lot of different color. The linen is what your guest will lay their eyes more of your event. It will also create the ambiance and tone desired for your event. Below please find our most popular fabrics





Overlays, Organza (overlays), Satin (overlays) and Taffeta (overlay)

Runners, Organza (runners), Satin (runners) and Taffeta (runners)

Sashes, Organza (sashes), Satin (sashes) and Taffeta (sashes)

Chair covers (Click here)

Tents (Click here)

Excellent shelter and protection for the Texas harsh climate it could be either raining or we can have a nice and toasty summer ranging the 100 degrees making it difficult to enjoy the weather. That is why our rental tents are a great option for that special event.

Below please find the different sizes and styles we have for you.

Do it yourself, Frame and Tent rental Accessories

Dishware (Click here)

We have dishware rental available for those dinner weddings and parties were your guest will be able to delight amazing food. To enjoy and taste those foodie serving or even just a munchies teaser for all cravings our rental dishware service is an amazing option for better plate presentation and guest experience. Like the famous chef said it’s not all about the taste of the food it is also how is served and the reaction it creates.

Don’t forget of the drinks we also have great selection of rental glassware from wine glasses, goblets, high ball glass, old fashioned as the traditional martini and margarita glasses

Dance floor and stage (Click here)

So what is your favorite moves song? The one that make you start moving your body enjoying the rhythm of the sounds, that electrifying moment to enjoy and show your best moves. For those moments on your event we have the perfect dance floor and staging capability to serve all of your event rental needs.

Bar and beverage (Click here)

This is where a lot of stories begging and strangers become Friends. Our rental bars are great for your guest that want to mingle around meeting new people and introducing themselves to different crowds. Meeting people while waiting for a drink is more than an American Tradition this could be at a wedding, corporate event or a friend’s party. For this and all of your rental needs we offer a full support on beverage and bar service options for that amazing event.

Catering equipment (Click here)

For most events food is the backbone that makes it unforgettable. Food is a mayor thing on most events, that is why we offer a great selection of Catering rental equipment. This are the tools needed feed lots of people ranging from small crowds to the thousands we can help you make it happen. From basic serving spoons, chafers, coolers and even hot box for those prep meals.

Concession (Click here)

The same has been since the good old days to the present. We love to enjoys rental concession equipment from the delicious popcorn maker, cotton candy and even the snow cone machine. Key factor for a great carnival or circus theme that will make kids and grownups have a blast

Heating & Cooling (Click here)

Mother nature has always the last call on how the weather is going to behave. That is why we offer party rentals in Austin and central texas area equipment that will help you mitigate for more enjoyment the weather conditions from rental heaters to port a cool and outdoor evaporative cooler.

party rentals austin

Country dinner wedding with burlap runners and white poliester linen and white folding chairs. Best wedding rentals Austin TX

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Best party rentals Austin TX


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Best party rentals Austin TX

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