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Party rental near me

Hi my name is Ivonne and I have lots of fun at the office, my favorite part is able to know our clients and what their perfect event will be. Every event is different can be a small gathering that say that are looking to pick up party rental near me, can be backyard party looking for table chair rentals to accommodate their guests. The most fun is helping brides choose wedding table linens, corporate events in need of tent and table or a graduation trying to get event furniture rental austin.

Tell me a little about yourself.
I love music, all kinds (but only the best of each genre) and my all time favorite singer is Luis Miguel. I love anime, movies (except horror), Asian dramas and documentaries. 
What do you like to do on your spare time?
Sleep, listen to my favorite music, sing, watch something interesting, spend time with my loved ones.
Do you have a Pet?
Not anymore. 😖😞
What is your favorite thing of helping your customers?
My favorite thing about assisting our customers is the fact that you in one way of another can be a part of someone’s special moment. We try to work with them to make the planning process the least stressful and the easiest possible. (Between you and I it’s great when you have a customer that plans way ahead of the date of their event). 
What’s your favorite food / drink?
I love a little bit of everything. But i love pasta, cheese chicken lasagna, Mexican food and avocado (I can add avocado to almost everything !). Water, coffee and Dr. Pepper are my favorite drinks.


Party rental near me


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