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Tent rentals Austin

Tent rentals Austin

Hi my name is Pepe and been working in the Event industry since I was a kid. My job is really fun because it is always something different. Helping customers is a really fulfillment experience from my point of view. Each event is truly different from all the specs, could be someone trying to decide best colors of linen rentals for their wedding or what size of tent rentals Austin is needed, which be used in a once in a lifetime experience. We also help to get  party rental tables for those small parties and corporate events ready to reserve table and linen rentals.

Tell me a little about yourself.
I like to help people fill their needs. Comedy is my favorite and enjoy a good laugh, life’s to short to not being happy.
What do you like to do on your spare time?
Hang out with friends, go to movies and eating yummy stuff.
Do you have a Pet?
Yes 2 lovely chickens
What is your favorite thing of helping your customers?
My favorite thing about helping our customers is the fact that you in one way of another can be a part special moment. You get to feel the rush that the customer is feeling and the accomplishment of fulfilling your goal. Also like to answer all questions regarding Tent rentals Austin 
What’s your favorite food / drink?
Mexican food and lemonade club soda
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