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Tent rental Austin

Tent rental Austin

Hi my name is Toni and I’m the office manager responsible for all the accounting exciting stuff . I like a lot being able to meet with brides, for me it’s very special when they share their event ideas and see how families look alike and help each other. Helping customers that need tent rental Austin for that special event. If you are looking to get party rentals near me we are the best option.

Tell me a little about yourself.
I like to read a lot, books are my favorite pastime, learning new things has always been my passion.
What do you like to do on your spare time?
As a grandmother like to spend time with my boys
Do you have a Pet?
Only when the kids bring theirs
What is your favorite thing of helping your customers?
My favorite thing about showing people the vast variety of options for their event you get to be a part of someone’s special moment and life. Work with them to make the best option that will be the least stressful and the easiest possible. 
What’s your favorite food / drink?
I love a little bit of everything. But i love pasta, cheese chicken lasagna and avocado (I can add avocado to almost everything !) Water, coffee and Dr. Pepper.


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