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What Not to Do at Your Wedding Party – How to Ruin your Great Wedding Toast and not ruin your wedding linens.

Congratulations! You are getting married! Now, would be the time you want to relax and calm off yourself before you move on to the next stage of your life. But maybe, the stress about having a perfect wedding is not letting you enjoy the moment, and you cannot relax now.

This could actually be a reason for you to ruin your big day for yourself. So, how to avoid all these mistakes and what can you do to make your big day bigger? Well, here are a few tips to keep in mind about what you shouldn’t do.

Picking a great Venue Just Because You Like it

Picking a wedding venues near me depends greatly on your budget, while picking something you pick up for birthday parties and small get-togethers won’t be ideal, getting something too big and fancy where there are fewer guests and it looks deserted won’t be good either. Pick a location which suits you and your budget and its capacity matches your guest count. Keep the weather in check too, rains, stormy weather and outdoor weddings don’t go along unless you have a white wedding tents for rent Austin, all dressed up with linens rentals Austin.

Not Having a Theme

The idea of getting whatever you can and putting it up on the wedding day is not a plan. It is something done in haste. Get a color theme at least. While most weddings go with a theme of white and black, you can choose everything and you should. Or for all you know you’ll have red wedding table linens Round Rock and white table and chair linens Austin. While it isn’t a big mess, your photos, however, could be a mess because of the odd colors on your linens rentals Austin.

The Guest List

Know the count on your guest list. If you are going to get rental tents Austin and rental tables and chairs Round Rock for your wedding linens from your nearby party rental services, you need to tell them the count on your guest list. Also, if you want to keep the family drama out of your wedding it would be a wise decision to assign seats to your family.

Drunk uncles and passed out aunties could always be a problem that could be taken care of, but divorced couples could really go off if they even get close to each other. Especially, if they are your mom and dad, so tell them beforehand.

Get the Expectations Straight

At the end of the day, don’t compare your wedding to something you saw in a movie. Movies have multiple takes, multiple edits, and cameras to cover off the mishaps and show only what is good, real life doesn’t So, don’t expect too much, just prepare your best to avoid every obstruction in your great day and prepare long before the big day.

Any last minute thing would never go good. You can always consult someone who just arranged a wedding or just go to your nearby by wedding rental Austin service and they will guide you, like us!

Just drop a call at (512) 800 8535 and get the best quotes, designs, planners and everything you could need for your wedding. We provide everything from rental tents to rental chairs and tables and even wedding table linens Austin.

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